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UERBEROS gives a portion of traditional death metal on their first album, it is very spicy blood. As a whole this new album seems catchy and it is a real massacre. Although these guys don´t bring anything new or original it is nice to listen to it. This Polish maniacs reminds a bulldozer which shoves a tones of human skeletons. They do not have a pity. In the end this album is a little bit monotone, however it is a tasteful piece of food. This album has a cutting and raw sound. You can tell that behind these songs are very experienced musicians. There is a lot of ideas and bloody motives on this album. Cruelty is changed with massacre, one sharp riff is changed by another one and you are standing in the end and you have to really focus to not band your head in headbanging. „Tormented by Faith“ is a work which is very successful. Every fan of apocalypse in death metal will appreciate this album! Very cruel record!


01. Intro
02. …And Finally, I Will Come
03. Destroy The Enemy
04. Tormented By Faith
05. To Be Seen And Heard
06. Black Emissary
07. My Lord, My Father
08. No Redemption
09. Live And Die Like A Human
10. Respect For Death


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