In August 2015 Bartlomiej Kaniewski, Dariusz Kaczorowski and Bartosz Kaczorowski after closing a chapter of Inset, go in quiet different music current. Short after Kamil Scibik( Imperial Sin, Aesthesis) joins them. The same music taste lets them rapidly compose material for the first album.  In February 2017 as a new band who’s called Uerberos come into Rob-Sonic Studio and they record their debut album “ Tormented by Faith“ in collaboration with Robert Wrozyna. Album was released under band as digipack and under Immortal Souls Productions as classic jewel case.

Vocals: Bartłomiej Kaniewski
Guitars: Bartosz Kaczorowski
Guitars:Piotr Chodorowski
Bass: Dariusz Kaczorowski
Drums: Kamil Ścibik

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