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We are extremely proud that SUBURBAN TERRORIST from Slovakia signed a contract with Immortal Souls Productions for releasing an upcoming album. Therefore we want to loudly scream and share this great news with all metal fans around the world. The new album will be entitled „Inhuman Breed“ and it will offer a big portion of brutal and juicy death metal! You can imagine how the new material will sound like by following the first launched song „Yawning Emptiness“. SUBURBAN TERRORIST are on the metal scene since 2001 and their discography includes demo, debut album, EP, split CD and second album „Cut-Throat from the World of Obsession“, which was released by the label Gothoom Productions in 2012. The new SUBURBAN TERRORIST album „Inhuman Breed“ will be released in April 2018 and the musicians along with the label believe, this record will offer real death metal hell. For more information, please visit SUBURBAN TERRORIST web pages or Immortal Souls Productions label.

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