NOCTURNAL HOLLOW signed with Immortal Souls Productions for the album „TRIUMPHANTLY EVIL“. They will conquer Europe together on behalf of OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL

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Death metal band NOCTURNAL HOLLOW its in best condition and soon will release thier sixt album „Triumphantly Evil“. Very heavy and ravening guitar rytmics, layout, and sound wich is great presentation of old school death metal genre, are strong atributes. That is whaw death metal fans like. Underground scene is the thing, what creates familiar feeling, and bands harvest from it. Travel thru graveyard brings band again to Europe, and in this moment connecting forces with IMMORTAL SOULS PRODUCTIONS who takes all european market and promotion. To bring actual thoughts around new album band life, i asked JR to move it in our direction.

Beside not easy life in Venezuela, these guys are able to sucessfuly create and export own riffs worldvide. Changes will come soon. By JR words:

„We are really happy to be soon in USA where music basement is much stronger, and this give us oportunity to show our self in larger scale. When the pandemic situation will be under control, we will travel to USA and to Europe, cause we feel, we must do it.“

Every new album is one step advanced than before. Right after first listening „Triumphantly Evil“. i realize some differences and move to typical standards OSDM. How do you see this movement?

„We try hard to move forward without breaking our main line wich is old school death metal. Partly we rebuild composition and sound, but we still remain in standard,classic,simply brutality, as death metal offers.“

To this genre belongs design, wich is burial, full of stench, and mostly grey shades filled. And all of this is upgraded with new album.

„ALmost all our albums are based on black and grey colors, and this was always point of discusion during new album cover creation. With John Queved Janssen we talk about this also last time, and we wanted to keep the monotony, but bring life spark, wich is in this exampel hell full of burning flames, and this greatly reflects our music.“

Nocturnal Hollow is heawy soaked by underground, and its feelable from it.

„We will be always underground band, distanced far away from main stream, and this designate our death metal style. We will still create cult, but that dosent mean, we need to sound aged, or shy. Under all of it, is the very essence of underground direction. We are not creating music for masses, and our production point our life style. Its the only way, how to be honest, and real.“

I am really happy that we connect our ways, cause i see our scene perception, and things what we like, same way. After my return back to scene after my 15 years hybernation, i like death metal even more. Together we will hunt more death souls, to lock them in giant jar of ashes. I belive, we feel it same way, and thats why why can drag it far. What you want to tell European fans?

„I am happy, and believe to our joint success. We already try once to join, but now it finaly happens. Our connection will work in best way, cause ISP relased great pieces. I am glad, that we will find new fans not just in Europe, and this waz i want to invite all of them to taste our new album “ „Triumphantly Evil“ I believe we will meet soon, on stage,amd we will come to Europe. Hail all, and thank you to giving us chance. Support all bands to give death metal strenght“

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW are ready to crush your bones, and scatter it in darkness of other realm.„Triumphantly Evil“ offers 10 songs, wich are already crawling thier way thru digital distribution. Album is relased in mexican „Concerto Records“ and same way you can wait for European version CD/MC under IMMORTAL SOULS PRODUCTIONS. In this moment we are preparing design, and we will wellcome support all of you, who love old school death metal. Check news feed same as band publisher, and band it slef. SUPPORT DEATH METAL OR DIE.

NOCTURNAL HOLLOW „Triumphantly Evil“ 2021
01 Baphomet Crown
02 Bound to the Gore
03 Shining Blaze of Hell
04 Down to Void
05 Consumed by the Storm
06 Through the Haze of Death
07 Voices Comes from the Night (Instrumental)
08 In Rapture of Pain
09 King of Wrath
10 Remembrance of a Murder

11 Necrophiliac (cover)

JR Escalante – guitars, vocals, bass George Knive – Drums

2011 Decay Of Darkness – full album
2014 Into The Shade Of Solitude – full album
2016 Deathless And Fleshless – full album
2017 The Nuances Of Death – full album
2019 A Whisper Of An Horrendous Soul – full album
2021 Triumphantly Evil – full album