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The idea of MASS BURIAL was born in 2002 but it was only two years later that band band came to be. After years of hard work, evolucion and changes in the line-up, in 2010, band comes out with the very first record “Of Carrion And Pestilence”, which brought them into the light of the scene. Style characterizing the band smells after deadly old school death metal of those like Entombed or Dismember. Beside the full length “Of Carrion And Pestilence” MAss Burial came out also with EP “Gangrene Hymns” in 2012, LP “Soul Necrosis” in 2015 and EP made in co-op with Humiliation. Potential and iron will brought band to recording the third studio album “Breeding Plagues” that is once again fully packed with nordic-like riffs and is ready to be launched. Band’s deadly load on “Breeding Plagues” is underlined by Mr. Juanjo Castellano’s art as a cover. Name of the label taking care of record’s release is Immortal Souls Productions which released NECROSIS/USA/, CRANIAL CARNAGE /CZE/, UERBEROS /POL/ and DEHYDRATED /SVK/ – all this year. Immortal Souls Productions might be a small label but with rich and deadly history of sonic slaughter since 1992. Fans of nordic old school can look forward to CD, MC, digipack and vinyl that will come out. More info soon.


MASS BURIAL „Soul´s Necrosis“ full album 2015


MASS BURIAL „Of Carrion And Pestilence“ full album 2013


MASS BURIAL discography:
Of Carrion and Pestilence Full-length 2012
Gangrene Hymns EP 2013
Soul’s Necrosis Full-length 2015
Surrounded by Cadavers / Warfield Split 2015
Breeding Plagues Full-lenght out soon


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