MASS BURIAL – Breeding Plagues


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There is a dark thunder in the distant corridors of catacombs. I follow the sound, carefully walking not to disturb the deadly atmosphere of the place. There are disfigured bodies of fallen priests on the walls. The skulls are laughing at the endless laugh in the beyond world. There, somewhere in the back in the last tomb, is standing the Spanish death metal band MASS BURIAL on the pile of bones and they are destroying everything alive and inanimate with their music. Inferno!
Those Spanish guys did a great old school death metal storm this year. The album has a great outdated sound, the singer must have ate nails for breakfast before recording the album. It has the atmosphere of freshly open graves. Death is all around us and it is coming for us!
Open the first coffin and take out the old albums by DISMEMBER, NIHILIST, ENTRAILS, GRAVE, EVOCATION. Those legends inspired our men. Then you will smell the rotten breath of the most beautiful zombie and you will dance forever. This album has a great, coldly dark atmosphere, great cover by the master Juano Castellano. That is why this album is a must-hear for all regular visitors of the beyond world. Honest, real, true death metal can be played in any ways and this one which is done by MASS BURIAL is cold, hurts and it is “sweedishly” unsteady. It really reminds reversed prayers in your favourite ossuary. Those Spanish guys are ratting with a sack full of bones and they do a great job. Who from you will be next? Who will open the lid of another old oak coffin? The Pandora’s cabinet was reopened! There is only evil, dirt and Death. Great old school death metal which is full of cold and darkness!
Jakub Asphyx


Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Breeding Plagues
03. I Must Remain Awake
04. Cyanide
05. Premature Inhumation
06. Necromancer
07. Age Of Blasphemy
08. Flesh
09. Redemption Through Suffering
10. Gutted Alive
11. Hell


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SVK : Slovak Metal Army
SVK : Metalirium
CZE/ENG: Deadly Storm
PL : Terror Cult Zine
ESP : Necromance
ENG : Battle Helm
ENG : Sick And Destroy
ENG : Grizzly Butts
ENG : Deadrhetoric
ENG : Extreme Metal zine
ITA : Metal Winds
GER : Power Metal