In march of 1991 DEHYDRATED band was born in Piešťany /SVK/. Trio Braňo – guitar, vocals, Palo – bass, Pegas drums recorded debut demo “Festered Find”, that opened bands doors to the UG scene not only in Slovakia but also abroad. Band’s initial success was the starter for more creative movement within the formation that in 1992 got back to studio Exponent to record the second demo “Suffering Of The Living Mass”. A hand was offered by guitarist of Notorica /later Dissonance/ Marius Kadák. Band continued in activity and critics were far more than positive. In August 1993 was in the studio GP Otrokovice /CZE/ recorded more material named “BURNT” overseen by Petr Christopher Krystof of Krabathor. These tracks were launched in 1994 on the split CD together with another Slovak band Bestialit. Split CD released UG label Metal Age Production. After DEHYDRATED release split CD their fanbase grows larger and bands is pulling together some more material to record their debut LP called “Ideas” and launched in 1997 under Metal Age Productions as MC cassette and a year later released also as a CD, this time under Copremesis Records label and changed cover art. “Ideas” was recorded by Braňo – guitar, Vlado Pagáč – vokills, Pegas – drums, Marian Mišík – bass and as a guitar guest also Marius Kadák. In 1999 DEHYDRATED recorded 5 track demo “DEMO GARAGE” which wasn’t made to be sold. Drums played by Maros Juliny this time. DEHYDRATED continues to tour and do gig but on the inside it becomes rotten and slowly falls into a slumber.  Band’s awakening comes in 2015 when the formation starts playing once again. The mastermind and creator of the band Braňo completes new lineup and formation is for a time joined by Jozef Depress Nitrianský and he is later replaced by Elevo, who left Depresy. Band in its final form records “Resurrection”  that comes after 20 years full of old school rotten tissue , true procedures and face ripping growls fans had to wait for almost two decades.
DEHYDRATED is back!! With iron will whips all hopeless corpses under the stage with unending flame and energy to bring the sonic suffering wherever it’s lacking. 1.10.2017 is the day when “Resurrection” the second full length of DEHYDRATED will be released. Original songs will be accompanied by a cover of Massacre’s Dawn Of Eternity.  Sick sound of the record shows that band is proud of its old school roots. The cover art is taken care of by well-known Mr. Juanjo Castellano and the record is released by reborn UD death metal label Immortal Souls Productions. CD’s/T-shirts/ and digital will be available from the first day of release with MC cassettes, digipack and vinyl following shortly after!  DEHYDRATED thanks to their fans for their dedication and is looking forward to their graven live shows!


Braňo Jurák – guitar
Drahoslav Dragan Gabriš – vocals (ex-Depresy)
Pepe Benčík – guitar
Janek Bezový – bass
Elevo – drums (ex-Depresy)


1992 – Festered Find – demo
1992 – Suffering Of The Living Masses – demo
1994 – Burnt – split CD with Bestialit
1994 – Wretched People In The Real World – compilation TAPE
1997 – Ideas – CD
2017 – Resurrection – CD


Shows :
14.10.2017 – Liptovsky Mikulas / SVK
11.11.2017 – Nitra / SVK
17.11.2017 – Trnava / SVK
15.12.2017 – Trinec / CZE
27.1.2018 – Trnava / SVK
10.2.2018 – Bratislava / SVK
17.2.2018 – Poprad / SVK
24.2.2018 – Bratislava / SVK
15.6.2018 – CZECH DEATH FEST – Cerveny Kostelec / CZE


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05.02.2018 /ENG/ : Battle Helm