In 2009 was formed band GRAVE IN MIND by Zbiňa (drums), Marty (guitar) and Rebus (bass and vocals. Marty leaves after first live shows in 2011 what is being solved by Rebus changing from bass to guitar and a couple of gigs were played in two. 2012 we’re back in full strength as Marty me his comeback, then we continued as two guitars and drums.
In the beginning of 2014 Zbyňa left the band what left us without a drummer and for a while we’re unable to find a substitution. Later in 2014 Maru joined the band to take care of bass while we were still using programmed drums. Since the lineup changed, we decided to work on new songs and change the name.
Volcano, the drummer, joins Cranial Carnage in 2015, Nagard (guitar) joins the band later the same year and formation starts rehearsing and writing new material.
In 2017, everything is ready, record “Abhorrence” is recorded ready to be released. Cover design was made by great artist Jaromir “Deather” Bezruča and band finds its place under Immortal Souls Productions, which takes care of promo and sales.


Rebus – vocals
Marty – guitar, vocals
Nagard – guitar
Mara – bass
Volcano – drums


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CZE : Deadly Storm