Info :
The band was formed in November of 2014 with Mike Bradley on Guitar and Mike Reseigh on drums the 2 set out to write old school death metal, through numerous changes with guitarists and vocalists they settled on a secure lineup which consisted of Mike Bradley guitar Mike Reseigh on drums along with Justin Kelter singing and Bubba Cologna pulling lead guitar duties with Jim Albrecht handling bass duties this lineup lasted until their first show then in February of 2016 the band went through a change they replaced Mike Reseigh with Jim Kelley ( Reptilian Brain) then two more changes came in April Bubba Cologna Stepped Down as lead guitarist And was replaced by Matt Cunningham (Genocya) on lead guitar also we replaced Justin Kelter with Stewert St Cummings(Nurse Ratched) handling the vocal duties we are ready to obliterate eardrums with this brutal lineup.


Line-up :
Mike Bradley – Guitar, Vocals
Jim Kelley – Drums
Jim Albrecht – Bass
Matt Cunningham – Lead Guitar
Stewert St Cummings – Vocals


Discography :
2016 – Ghastly Graves Demo
2017 – .​.​.​Where No Lives Matter EP


Shows :
28.10.2017 – Hamtramck / USA
02.12.2017 – Lansing / USA


Facebook : LINK