CARNAL NECROSIS starts off its journey in 2013 in the vast Californian desert. Ever since then band works on its death metal material with heart, so they can become notorious amongst genre’s fans.  The beginning of 2017 comes with recording of their 6-track EP “Origins Of Malevolence” that stays true to the old school death metal roots and it’s produced by Grindhouse Recordings. Songs are heavy, yet original and melodic, so the fans can find their way to the music while it still represents the old school death metal genre.
At first band releases “Origins Of Malevolence” on its own and later gets offer resurrected European label Immortal Souls Productions in the end of the summer 2017 and the EP’s 500 copies can now be officially launched.  John Vasquez re-joins CARNAL NECROSIS and complete formation starts its work on material for full length death metal surgery.

Shane Hayes – Vocals
Eli Castillo – Guitars
Andrew J Bowen – Bass
Nick Crowell – Drums
John Vasquez – guitars

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