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Immortal Souls Production comes back to life after long 15 years of slunber and continues in its devoted worship of death metal as it was in its beginning in year 1992.
CARNAL NECROSIS /USA/ offers deadly old school death released by ISP with custom cover. Band offers also their own version of the release.
UERBEROS /PL/ comes out with blasting “Tormented By Faith” release that will cheer dark souls of all of those who like sound of Immolation or Vader. Record is out in both jewel case and digi pack versions too. If you’re thirsty after bloody fast death metal – “Tormented By Faith” is what you need!
CARNAL NECROSIS /USA/ „Origins Of Malevolence“ ISP035 CD, and UERBEROS /POL/ „Tormented By Faith“ ISP037 CD are both ready to be shipped anytime now!.

ISP035 CARNAL NECROSIS /USA/ „Origins Of Malevolence“ e-shop
ISP037 UERBEROS /POL/ „Tormented By Faith“ e-shop