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The history of BRUTE, nowadays one of premier Slovak death metal acts, begins back in December 1998 in Vranov nad Topľou, a regional town in eastern Slovakia. The first line-up was Štefan “Steve” Tokár (bass guitar), Pavol Fil (vocals), Slavko Tokár (guitar), Jozef Mucha (drums) and Tomáš Laco (guitar). The band recorded its first demo “Fetus Of Evil” in spring 2000, but the same year marked the end of the first incarnation of BRUTE. Štefan Tokár, who temporarily relocated to Czech republic, played in Czech death/grind band MORTURA in 2002 and after his returning to Slovakia BRUTE arises again, this time as one-man project with Steve on guitars, bass, vocals and drum programming.

The 2nd demo “Furious Pictures And Agony” is released in February 2008, again as a solo-work of mastermind Steve. Finally, in 2010, the next members, Štefan Puhalla (EXLIRIS) and returning “prodigious son”, the vocalist Pavol Fil, joins him on the way to death metal played with heart, intensity and absolute devotion to the style. Soon after the drummer Peter Heteš (ORGANON) and Robert Demeter (guitar, vocal) became the members and this line-up recorded the debut album “Sophisticated Atrocity”, released in spring 2012 on Czech Nice To Eat You Records. The debut was praised by critics and listeners quite a lot. In the same time the new bass-player Radoslav Michalko completes the line-up. In 2013 Sead Bihorac (MORTALLY INFECTED, TYPHOID) came as live drummer for the band, replaced by Marek Džupin (GRINDING JESUS BROTHERS) in following year. The 2nd album “Pillory” was recorded in 2014 and released on Slovak label Gothoom Productions. This album was naturally the next step when it comes to the band’s development on the fields of sophisticated, complex, yet brutal and multi-layered death metal. Róbert Demeter was replaced by vocalist Marek Kaščák, and then, in 2015, Martin Calko, the guitarist of Slovak blasphemous death metal icon PERVERSITY besides of his “main duty” took also the frontman’s position in BRUTE. In 2016 some members and ex-members of the band (Štefan Tokár, Radoslav Michalko, Pavol Fil) started also a side project PAIN PURIFICATION, devoted to a bit different, more straightforward style of extreme death metal. The year 2016 is the year of the 3rd horrible incarnation, the album “Henchmen” (Tetradrot studio). The drums here, as well as on the previous album, were recorded in Czech Dacos studio by famous Czech extreme metal drummer Jirka Zajíc (HEAVING EARTH and lot more, the guy also plays guitar live for CZ black metal sensation CULT OF FIRE). In the end 2016 the band finally has a new permanent drummer Marek Baran and in August 2017 Boris Palko (DISCONSOLATE) joins the band on the post of second guitar. BRUTE has a full line-up at last and March 15th, 2017, is the day of official launching of its new album, released on Slovak Metal Army. Beware, the beast is unleashed!!!


Line-up :
Štefan Tokár – Guitars/Lyrics
Radoslav Michalko – bassguitar
Martin Calko – vox
Marek Baran – Drums
Boris Palko – Guitars


Discography :
2000 – Fetus of Evil Demo
2008 – Furious Pictures and Agony Demo
2010 – Inhuman Seed of Terror Demo
2012 – Sophisticated Atrocity Full-length
2014 – Pillory Full-length
2017 – Henchmen Full-length


Shows :
18.11.2017 – Strazske / SVK
02.12.2017 – Liptovsky Mikulas / SVK
22.12.2017 – Poprad / SVK
19.01.2018 – Uherske Hradiste / CZE
01.09.2018 – Ruzomberok / SVK / 20-th ANNIVERSARY SHOW


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