AKEPHALOS – Headless Demon Angel

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I found the remains of an unknown body in front of our house. They were laying on the cold street and stared at my face. Who are you? What was the name of your death? Terrified and mutilated face is not answering. Hands are in the after death spasm, a frost going right into your dreams. Someone just got you out by the road like a piece of unnecessary rag. Will you tell me your name?
I listen to the new album by American AKEPHALOS and inside of my soul are getting dark shadows. Brutal death metal spiced up with cold and doom passages and sharply cold solos. All of that pulls me into its nets. It looks like that this album will be my friend while traveling to the other side after my death.

AKEPHALOS is a project of one man Brandon Boling – a person who will convince you with his riffs that the hell is real. There are some songs which are too lengthy. The sound might be better with a little bit of punchiness and wildness. As a whole the album “Headless Demon Angel” is a good work. I like that it is not a perfectly played piece of art (as other bands and albums are) but these songs have their personal atmosphere and mood. I feel the inspiration by MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and IMMOLATION. All of this is wrapped up in an interesting smell which become more and more pleasant for me with each listening. I recommend listening to the album in quiet place, just let it work on you and you will hear it yourself. When you will meet your own dead body, everything will sit in one beautiful dark piece. Death metal which will cover you into a black coat of endless darkness. Very good!

Jakub Asphyx


01.Spewed Forth from the Womb of Hell
02.The Sins of a Sadistic Priest
03.Headless Demon Angel
04.Sermon of Evil
05.Suffer Forever
06.Putrid Rot
07.The Hierophant
08.Corpse Made Halo
10.Ophidian Desecration


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CZE/ENG : Deadly Storm
SVK : Rocker
SVK : Slovak Metal Army
SVK : Death Fist Zine
ENG : Extreme Metal Zine
ENG : The True Bringer Of Death Zine
ESP : Necropmancer

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