About us

Immortal Souls Productions is one of the very first publishing companies in Eastern Europe. Label was created in 1992 and focused mostly on work in underground. At the beginning we were publishing printed zines like Death and Thrash info, Death Metal spravodaj, Immortal Souls zine and demos, compilation tapes and later CD’s.  Until 2002, ISP released together 34 recordings of band like Acoasma, Depresy, Embalmed, Dementor, Pathology Stench, Abortion, Mentality, Jeel /DEN/, Typhoid, Insision /SWE/, Mudslinger /USA/ and many more.

Today, after 15 years of inactivity ,is Immortal Souls Production back, yet with a little change, working exclusively as a death metal label. We’re working on releasing CD’s, merch and promoting our bands in any way possible.  At the same time we’re releasing printed-only zine Immotal Souls published in 500 prints of which we printed 29 releases to this moment. Beside that we print tons of flyers and sell CD’s on live shows. We’re on lookout for active bands to bring more of new names into ISP family.